How we let Denise down

Yes, James Bulger’s mother is bitter. She has every right to be.

Perhaps the most distasteful aspect of the furore surrounding the release of James Bulger’s killers is the subtle but persistent vilification of the Bulger family in the liberal media. Sunday’s Panorama programme presented Ralph Bulger as “chilling” in his intention, stated last year but since withdrawn, to harm Venables and Thompson. Meanwhile, Denise Bulger (now Fergus) is under constant scrutiny for bitterness towards her son’s killers. Charlotte Raven’s description in this paper of her “pinched-lipped grief” was the most extreme, but others have also compared her unfavourably with more forgiving mothers.

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Wonderful, foolish dome

Since the dome’s closure, pundits and politicians have been lecturing us sternly. “This fiasco must end soon.” Their solutions vary: it should be demolished; it should be integrated into worthy urban regeneration; it should have “meaningful” exhibitions. But all agree on one point. The dome was a disaster because it had no brand.

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Seeing is reliving

Tragedies hurt us all, even if we are just watching on television

Are we all suffering from a version of post-traumatic stress caused by repeated exposure to horrific images in the media? This may sound insulting to those involved in disasters. But modern media with their graphic coverage of horrific events may be stirring up public anxiety and grief which has no recognition or outlet. Could this be one reason for increased levels of anxiety, depression and stress-related illnesses?

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