Why are British taxpayers funding EU students at our universities when our own children are being turned away?

British universities will soon learn exactly how much their individual budgets will be reduced, following cuts to higher education.

But they already know one general consequence of these cuts. There are likely to be over 100,000 disappointed applicants this year.

On top of this startling figure, there are 46,000 disappointed applicants from last year who, despite being rejected from their first choice universities, have the necessary qualifications and are applying again.

Full article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1258508/UK-taxpayers-funding-EU-students-universities-British-children-miss-out.html

Nests in jeopardy, lairs to lose

As the EU expands, the battle between developers and conservationists intensifies – and its victims look set to be the unspoilt wildernesses and ancient species of the 10 new member states. Ros Coward reports

In her 87 years living in the village of Pely in the heart of the Hungarian countryside, Widow Rab Laszlone has seen many changes, including the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire, two world wars and the rise and fall of communism. But one thing has remained constant: storks, which return every year to nest next to her house. For the past decade, they have adopted the electricity pole by the gate, rather than her roof, but they still cohabit like close neighbours. “Why do you keep dropping those frogs on to my path?” she chides the two storks, reorganising their nest overhead. But Widow Rab isn’t angry. “It’s fine,” she says. “I like them. We’ve always had storks here, since I was a child. Let them stay.”

Full article: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2004/jul/31/europeanunion.weekendmagazine

Wreckers of the landscape

The EU has ruined the west’s environment. Now it’s moving east

On environmental matters, most of us believe, the European Union is a progressive force. We think of it as an environmental version of the international court of justice, a place of appeal where higher standards of protection are applied. Yet the EU is also implicated in some of Europe’s worse acts of environmental vandalism, in pristine areas of eastern Europe as well as the west.

Full article: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/jul/29/eu.politics

EU-funded road set to ruin Poland’s wildlife paradise

It’s a haven for elk, wolf, bears, lynx and bird life. But it’s about to be destroyed by a motorway. Ros Coward reports from Biebrza in Poland on the threat to one of Europe’s last wild places

May in the Biebrza marshes of north-east Poland is as near to a nature lover’s paradise as Europe has to offer. It’s an immense, complex area with 250 kilometres of river, rare raised bogs, and water meadows surrounded by the remnants of ancient forests which provide cover for migrating bears, wolves and lynxes.

Full article: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/may/19/highereducation.biologicalscience

Euro Wars

The French minister hits back, as an anti-Europe tone breaks out again in Britain

The trashing of Dominique Voynet, France’s environment minister, by Prescott and sections of the British press was astonishing. She was said to head a team of “French wreckers” who “sandbagged” Prescott. Or she was “too tired” to hammer out details of a compromise at the Hague implying she’d behaved “irrationally” before. What would you expect; French, a woman and an environmentalist – she might just as well have a couple of horns and a forked tail.

Full article: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2000/nov/28/comment.climatechange