The property profiteers

The frenzy to speculate on the housing market or own multiple homes has a dangerous downside

On the very day we were warned by the Financial Services Authority that Britain may have its own sub-prime problem, Channel 4 announced that it would commission 55 more episodes of its property show A Place in the Sun. So viewers will still get their fix of this most aspirational of property programmes where people, often including young couples who feel they can’t get a foot on the UK property ladder, are encouraged to follow their dreams.

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Ever the inconvenient royal

The details emerging from the inquest into her death may be overly intrusive but the process proves that Diana was a radical in her own way

Today a leader in the Guardian describes the Diana inquest “a mawkish indulgence of a conspiracy cult” and an “absurdity” and even I, who long supported the need for an inquest, have felt in parts bored and in parts queasy about the continued trawling over Diana’s unhappy personal life. But among the welter of detail, some important and fascinating information is emerging.

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